Friday, May 30, 2008

Trilogi Politik

30 Mei 2008 | 16:30
Film dokumenter yang juga sebuah pernyataan gamblang Garin Nugroho tentang kebangsaan.

Aula Yayasan Wakaf Paramadina
Pondok Indah Plaza
Blok 4-6
Jl. TB. Simatupang Jakarta


Political Trilogy is a three-part film that takes the form of a political essay about Indonesia as a maritime microcosm. The first part is a reflection on colonialism and modernity, from the perspective of ports as places to drop hopes and dreams, multiethnic places of conflict and gateways to the world. The second part documents the standardization of ethnic identities under the Soeharto regime, focusing on the case of Papua. The third part is a political statement of the filmmaker’s vision of cultural variety as the basis of his creative aesthetics.

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